Summer Camp Program at Brookeside Montessori School

Children ages three through eight are invited to take part in our fun and educational Summer Camp program.

Crafts, games, songs, water play, guided exploration and more all in an academic environment. Each week will end with “Fun Friday”: a field trip, special event, or a guest will join us. Camp is for children age 3 -8. Counselors are certified teachers.

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Summer Camp 2021

A Summer Celebration: June 7 - August 13
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Camp runs from June – August 2021

8:00 am – 4:00 pm

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The world is FULL of them… flying, crawling, tunneling, hopping… let’s make new friends! This week we’ll get our collection team up to speed, THEN (drumroll please… ) we’ll learn about the insects themselves, their world, and the interactions between humans and insects throughout history…the GOOD, the BAD and the merely ICKY.

We will FARM for the FUTURE while exploring soil, weeds, pests, and methods for designing and growing your own garden! Take part in the “Great Sunflower Race” of 2021, Sneak over into the literary realm with great cross-curriculum books and word games. Salute DIRT (because it made your LUNCH). We’ll also say Thank you to the WORMS….. Bring your bandana and don’t forget to whistle while you work!

Campfires, s’mores, silly songs, storytelling around the campfire, communing with nature, fishing, tenting….. what’s not to like? (except maybe mosquitoes, poison ivy, sunburn….& (dare I say it….) BEARS!!!!! Maybe you had better just come to this “Camp”! Bring your flashlight to learn about the wild-life!

Happy 245th America! We will explore our country The United States of America this week. Campers will learn US Geography, US Symbols, and we will end the week with an Independence Day party!

This week we will explore the different habitats around the world and the amazing animals that live there! Campers will learn the unique features of animals and their classification in the Animal Kingdom. At the end of the week we will have a traveling animal exhibit visit the school.

Ahoy there! Join us this week for learning about pirates (kid-friendly), maps, and parrots. We’ll have a pirate themed escape room at school and Captain Hook will be visiting at the end of the week!

This summer the Olympic games are in Tokyo. We will be learning about the culture of Japan as well as the history of the Olympic games. At the end of the week, we will have our own day of games!

Did you travel to the beach this summer? We can pretend as we look for shells and create art with sand at camp! We will also learn about animals the live in the ocean habitat and create a collaborative mural by the end of the week.

Campers will love this week as we explore the performing arts. We will make puppets and put on a puppet show. Students will choose fables to act out for their peers. We will end the week with a magical performance by one of Brookeside’s very favorites, Koo Koo, the Cartoon Magician!

Some of our summer camp artwork on Pinterest!