While we were away from school for our Autumn Break our latest science activity was still in progress. Before leaving school after our Feast Day, Primary Full Day students measured, poured and dissolved sugar and salt into separate containers of water, carefully marking them with the name of each crystallized substance. These solutions were left open to the air to evaporate during our time away from school.

Upon our return we noted the differences and similarities between the crystals which formed. Salt formed rod shaped crystals, while sugar formed snowflake shaped crystals. Salt melted when touched and still contained visible liquid when viewed through a microscope while sugar was hard, dry and cracked and broke when bent. The sugar crystals were edible, while the salt crystals, produced from medical Epsom salts, were inedible.

We also listed as many items which we could think of which also form crystals, such as snow, sleet, icicles, frost, rocks, geodes, sand and glass! The students were so thrilled with the results they intended to replicate the crystals at home—perhaps in hopes to sample the sugar candy crystals!