Montessori Elementary

Montessori Elementary programs support the development and growth of children ages 6 – 12. For returning Montessori students, the Montessori Elementary program expands upon the learning fostered in our Montessori Primary class. For students new to Montessori, it orients them to the joys of responsible participation.

Brookeside Montessori’s multi-age groupings of ages 6 to 9 (Lower Elementary) and ages 9 to 12 (Upper Elementary) provide classrooms where children can collaborate and socialize. The relationships formed strengthen the entire community. Older children are seen as role models within the community. They support the younger children through socialization, assisting with new work, or teaching skills they have mastered themselves. They can also work with younger students in areas of the curriculum in which they themselves may need more practice, without stigma. Younger children follow the example set by the older students, and have peers to work with in areas of the curriculum in which they may be more advanced. This multi-age community provides opportunities for all individuals to learn from each other, at times leading, sharing, or serving as role models. It also develops an appreciation of differences. Within this supportive, inclusive community, children work through the curriculum at their own pace, accelerating during some tasks or taking additional time with others.

Teachers guide children through a curriculum individually tailored to their own interests, needs, and abilities. Teachers monitor progress against established benchmarks and expectations for student learning. The Montessori Elementary curriculum contains the following areas of learning: Practical Life, Math, Language, Cultural Studies, Science and Social Studies.

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