Full-Day Kindergarten Program

During the first two years in the Montessori Primary classroom the students look forward to their turn to be a leader. In their Kindergarten year children get their turn and take pride in being the oldest. They serve as role models for younger students. They reinforce their own learning by teaching concepts they have already mastered to their peers.

Kindergarteners are introduced to more advanced Montessori materials and lessons. They experience an important period in which their previous learning working with Montessori materials begins to become permanent knowledge.

Kindergarten is the final year of the Early Childhood program. The goal for Kindergarten students is to exhibit the independence, critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership that they have been practicing during their years in the Montessori Primary classroom as they prepare to transition into an Elementary program.

Brookeside Montessori’s Kindergarten is part of the full day Montessori Primary Class. We do not offer a half day option for Kindergarten.

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