Grants that Help Support Brookeside

Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation

Pottstown Area Health and Wellness FoundationThe Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation enhances the health and wellness of area residents, providing education, funding and programs that motivate people to adopt healthy lifestyles.

The Foundation was formed in July 2003 with the proceeds obtained from the sale of the Pottstown Memorial Medical Center.

Non-profits interested in learning more about the Foundation’s grants program and application process should visit the website at

BWell logoThese following classes are part of our BWell programming funded in part by the Pottstown Health and Wellness Foundation.

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA) is a partnership between local organizations and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts (PCA).  Now operating in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania, PPA re-grants funds to support a wide variety of local and community arts activities.  Since its creation in 1996, PPA has demonstrated enormous success in achieving the PCA’s mission and goals.

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts Goals:

  • Expanding constituent access to the arts by (a) making arts programs available to communities that may have been underserved in the past by state arts funding, and (b) supporting a wide variety of arts activities in the community, developed in a variety of local settings.
  • Encouraging and supporting local decision-making in re-granting of state arts dollars
  • Increasing awareness of and advocacy for government support and funding of the arts at the local and state levels
  • Enabling the PCA to provide increased assistance to its broad constituency throughout the state
Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts (PPA)

The Highmark Foundation Grant

We have received this grant in the past to support the programs and activities at Brookeside Montessori. The Highmark Foundation understands that schools can be one of the most effective settings to promote health and wellness, and developed the Building Sustainable and Lasting Changes in Schools grant to support programs like Healthy Lifestyles. Through our Healthy Lifestyles Program, we will encourage physical activity, increase knowledge of healthy nutrition, and support programs such as our school garden, healthy snack program, and “munch a healthy lunch” parent education programs.

National Agriculture in the Classroom and Tractor Supply Company

As a grant recipient in the past, Brookeside Montessori was paired with the Tractor Supply Store in Quakertown to kick start our school garden. We received a $500 Tractor Supply Store gift card to purchase a compost bin, child-sized garden tools, and a school garden curriculum. Each year we continue the garden program with these items as well as a donation of seeds and plants from the school community. In the spring our students help design and plant the garden. The children in our summer camp program care for the plants and harvest the vegetables. The best part is using the fresh vegetables in cooking activities!