Field Trips

Dr. Montessori felt it was important for students to take outings or to “go out”.

At Brookeside Montessori all classes experience field trips. It’s how we involve children with the world around them.

Our Montessori Primary classes have enjoyed trips to a local farm, orchard, and park. Primary students have traveled to a local grocery store after a lesson in food and nutrition. Students also enjoy lunch dining out at a local restaurant.

Students in the Elementary class enjoy local field trips as well as traveling to Reading, Allentown or Philadelphia. These places offer experiences at museums, historic sites, and cultural attractions. Montessori Elementary programs allow students to help make decisions and plan outings. Field trips are often based on topics of studies as well as the children’s interests.

For children to participate in a field trip classroom teachers will send home a permission slip that must be signed and returned with any necessary field trip fees. Teachers will also ask for parent chaperones. To be a parent chaperone you must have required volunteer clearances. Classroom teachers will be able to assist with this.