The Art Program at Brookeside Montessori is welcoming our new art teacher, Mrs. Rachel Yoder, a local artist and teacher who will be expanding the art program to include more art mediums, a yearly field trip, and a Traveling Art Show that will reach out to community businesses in our area to exhibit the children’s art work. The new Art Program began in September of 2019 with weekly art classes for all students, ages 3 through Grade 6.

The overall goal of the program is to help guide students through the artistic process of investigate, imagine, construct and reflect, using various artistic mediums, to help each child develop authentic and original creative ideas.

Mrs. Yoder has begun using Artsonia, the World’s Largest Student Art Museum, to keep a digital portfolio of student work throughout the year. The site can also be used for fundraising for Brookeside’s art programming. It’s a free, safe, educational program de