Parent Testimonials

Brookeside Montessori School has reignited the joy and passion for learning in my child.  She comes home every day excited about what she learned and enthusiastic about the days ahead.  The teachers are supportive, kind, encouraging, and truly teach from their hearts.  The Montessori Method of teaching has allowed my child to become confident in her abilities to tackle any learning subject.  We could not be happier with our decision to attend elementary school at Brookeside during what we feel are vital years of development.

Willis Family

We are so glad we chose to send our daughter to Brookeside for preschool (and kindergarten next year). As first-time parents, we were very nervous about her first experience away from us, and her teachers and all the staff made her feel comfortable from the beginning. She is always happy to come to school and is positively affected by the school routines in general. Her progress and independence from her first year to second has been so exciting and gratifying to see, as it carries over into the way she acts at home. We have found the school and family activities and atmosphere to be exceptionally friendly, fun, and welcoming, and recommend it to anyone looking for an individualized, stimulating school experience for their child in a safe, caring environment.

Brookeside Preschool Parent

As a teacher, I greatly appreciate the importance of early education and the many positive academic and behavioral gains children can make through exposure to high-quality teachers in an academically enriching environment. I did my homework, searched high and low, and found Brookeside Montessori School to be among the absolute best in early education. I could not speak more highly of the staff and their commitment to my child. My child has benefited in a million and one ways, in no small part, due to her time at Brookeside.

Jill Becht

Brookeside Montessori School has provided my girls with a safe and nurturing learning environment for their early years. My husband and I feel these years, from 2-6, are the most important years in their education. Brookeside has given my children a love of learning and an overall curiosity about life sciences.

As a certified Montessori educator, I believe in what these teachers do every day. They are patient and loving with the children- staying composed and professional- every minute of the day. The teachers meticulously prepare their classroom environments, and plan their lessons to meet all of the children’s individual needs. Our daughter is not just a number or just another face, she is a respected individual. We are sad to know that this is our last child to go through Brookeside.

One of Brookeside’s strengths is that they offer very flexible and convenient hours. We only wanted to send her a few days a week in the mornings because of her nap schedule, but other parents may require a full day of care. This convenience is one of the many reasons we chose Brookeside. Their summer camp also offers very flexible hours.

Mrs. John, the school director, is a tremendous help when registering. She will give her undivided attention, and answer any questions you may have. She is also a classroom teacher, and my oldest daughter still remembers some of her lessons! Mrs. John and Mrs. Marks will always have a special place in our hearts.

Michelle CilmiBrookeside Parent

We knew we wanted our son to attend a Montessori school and Brookside has been the blessing we were hoping for. Our son started in the Pre-School room and has been thrilled with the instruction there. Mrs. Marks is every parents’ dream for their child’s teacher – she is enthusiastic, kind and creative and we just love her! We can’t wait for our son to move up to the Pre-K class and continue his promising education at Brookside!

Vanessa RoyceBrookeside Parent

The experience and compassion of the teachers is unmatched by any preschool that I have seen in a 20 mile radius. My daughter has been attending preschool for a year now and loves going to school every day. She has made meaningful friendships and absolutely loves her teachers. She has learned so much and loves to show us the things she is working on at school. Two Montessori schools are closer to us, but I feel that this school is worth the extra drive (even with my one year old in tow). If you are a parent, that speaks volumes. ;)

Sharon ArangioBrookeside Parent

The choice to send our two children to Brookeside Montessori has proven to be the best educational decision thus far. We have sent our children to both the Pre-Kindergarten as well as the Full Day Kindergarten programs. Brookeside Montessori helped tailor a schedule that met our needs. This is just one of many ways that the school puts the child’s needs first. The first time that we visited the school, it was evident that their focus is on each child as an individual. They go beyond academics such as teaching life skills and manners while encouraging respect and positive attitudes. Each time that we enter the school, we see consistency in the teachers and staff. We are confident that Brookeside Montessori has given our children some great foundations for them to carry throughout their lives.

Jessica KorneBrookeside Parent

After enrolling our oldest child in Brookeside Montessori School’s summer camp program, we were so impressed with the school that we registered her in the Preschool program. Over the last six years, Brookeside Montessori School has fostered a sense of independence, self-motivation and confidence. We have been impressed by the staff’s dedication to the students. The teachers’ expertise is evident when you look at the classroom set up, the curriculum and lesson planning not to mention the growth we’ve seen with our kids. Brookeside Montessori School makes a great effort to expose the students to a wide range of experiences in the classroom and through field trips. We are thrilled with our experience!

Jessica HolmesBrookeside Parent

Both of my sons attended Brookeside from pre-school through the end of 2nd grade. In every respect, the Brookeside experience was rewarding for them. My husband and I were very impressed with the education they received there. The staff members are very knowledgeable about the Montessori method and adhere to it. However, what I really liked is that they always made sure the method served the student and not the other way around. At every grade level my sons were provided the opportunity to develop and excel. They met challenging academic tasks with enthusiasm and a desire to meet the challenge. They never expressed feelings of anxiety regarding academic performance. They were always excited about going to school and I don’t recall ever hearing the word “boring” regarding school, even though they are completely different in their academic interests, as well as strengths and weaknesses.My older son has already spent two years in a very traditional classroom environment after leaving Brookeside. Though he initially found it challenging to adapt to the more rigid classroom environment, Brookeside had instilled in him a great sense of respect for community rules, as well as a sense of self-discipline. These qualities were very helpful in helping him adjust to a new and different environment. We are incredibly satisfied with the foundation that Brookeside helped build for our boys’ education and citizenship.

Larissa KebuzParent of alumni and former School Board member

My daughter attends Brookeside Montessori. The devotion and attention to the children’s individual needs far surpassed any other school/daycare program I looked into. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have my daughter involved in this program, and I have to give special extra credit/thanks to Mrs. Marks. We all love her so much, she is so patient and kind, my daughter cannot wait till it is her designated days to go back and see her. I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking to enroll their little ones in a pre-school, pre-k program.

Matthew WinslowBrookeside Parent