The Brookeside Montessori School Community

We work to create an environment that inspires children to develop inner discipline, self-confidence, and a love of learning. We respect the uniqueness of each student by helping each child develop skills at periods of greatest readiness and sensitivity. Brookeside Montessori serves children ages three through 6th grade.

Our Mission

To encourage independence, confidence, and intellectual creativity in a safe, supportive, and culturally diverse environment as guided by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

COVID Response: Health and Safety Plan for 2021-2022

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education released a statement that they would not be providing specific guidance to schools in the state, but schools should implement the CDC guidelines to the best of their abilities.

Open Brookeside Montessori’s goals for 2021-2022

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Conveniently Located:

Brookeside Montessori is located at 1075 Route 100 North in Bechtelsville, Pennsylvania. In 2020, Brookeside Montessori is celebrating twenty-five years of operating at this location. Brookeside Montessori is a licensed Private Academic School with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and a member school on the pathway to accreditation with the American Montessori Society.

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Schedule a visit by calling the office at 610-473-0408 or e-mail

American Montessori Society Member School