About Brookeside Montessori School

Our Mission

To encourage independence, confidence, and intellectual creativity in a safe, supportive, and culturally diverse environment as guided by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Our Philosophy

The Brookeside Montessori school community works to create an environment that inspires children to develop inner discipline, self-confidence, and a love of learning. We respect the uniqueness of each student by helping each child develop skills at periods of greatest readiness and sensitivity.

Our educational philosophy is guided by the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. We strive to inspire the development of each child in a safe, supportive, culturally diverse environment, which gives students freedom to explore, cooperate, and be creative.

The school’s child-centered educational environment provides activities and a Pennsylvania state approved curriculum appropriate to each child’s developmental stage. The integrated curricula are guided by a highly trained staff, who are aware of the needs of the individual child. The children are in mixed-age settings, which allow them to build long-term relationships with other children and their teachers within a caring academic community.

The child’s experience is more complete when parents and family commit to an active role in their child’s education. Parent educational materials and programs encourage parents’ participation in the education process at each stage of the child’s development. As the school and home work together, the child develops the confidence needed to venture out into the world and become involved in projects which will serve the community. This dynamic partnership of child, parent, and teacher, develops a consistent Montessori framework for learning and reinforces our core values: “Every child is gifted…every child has needs.”

Our History

Brookeside Montessori School, formerly the Montessori Academy of PA, was opened in 1975 by Barbara Broadbent and Ann Marie Heilmann. The school was located at 645 S. Reading Avenue in Boyertown, PA and served children ages 2 1⁄2 through 6th grade. In 1994 the founders of the Montessori Academy retired and the school moved to its current location at 1075 Route 100, Bechtelsville, PA and continued serving children in the surrounding areas. In 1995, the current owner of the school changed the name to Brookeside Montessori School and named Robin John as the first Head of School. A few years later it was decided to change the status of the school to a non-profit corporation run by a Board of Directors. Tax exempt 501c3 status was acquired in 2000. Brookeside Montessori School celebrated its 25th year of operating in 2020!